Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy means "to scientifically treat with the help of fragrance". Potent yet subtle, reviving yet restoring, these health and beauty treatments are safe and work on both mind and body. Pure natural aromatic essential oils are used for aromatherapy. Tiny quantities, prepared by special methods, contain all the properties of a tree. A single drop of essential oil can store and release the energy of an entire plant particularly by using massage techniques.


To get the aroma, particular oils/essences can be used as follows:
    Massage (35 Drops of aroma oil in 50 ml. of carrier oil or gel)
    Room diffusion

Some oils and their generally accepted aromatherapeutic uses:

Oil Uses
Removes dead cells and softens skin. Good moisturizer
Apricot & Avocado Good for dry and dehydrated skin.
Corn Soft, golden corn oil. Absorbs well.
Moisturizer, conditioner in shampoos. Used for acne, psoriasis and hair-growth. Stimulant and rejuvenator.
Sesame Very good nutritive tonic for all skin types. Best oil for massage
Good as sunscreen.
Treatment of dry skin, baby massage, wrinkles, scars and face packs.
Indigestion, coughs, catarrh
Bronchitis, fatigue, colds, loss of concentration, migraine, aches and pains.
Powerful antiseptic, excellent for sores; used for acne, tension, wounds, cough, stress, sores.
Black Pepper
Colds, aches and pains, influenza, flatulence, rheumatism
Dandruff, hair fall, skin cuts, toothache
Coughs, colds, fevers, rheumatism, arthritis
Cammomile (German & Roman)
Nerves, migraine, acne, inflammation, insomnia, menstrual problems, dermatitis
Sandal Wood
Very cooling to the skin; relieves tension and anxiety. Aphrodisiac.
Nerve tonic, removes dead cells, used in eczema.
Flu, rheumatism, warts, coughs, colds, viral infection.
Clove Bud
Toothache, nausea, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, diarrhoea, infections; as antiseptic. A tingly all-rounder
Depression, menstrual problems, diarrhoea, diabetes, sores, bleeding, circulatory conditions, eczema, sore throats, nervous tension.
Rheumatism, muscular aches and pains, sprains, broken bones, colds, nausea, alcoholism, digestive disorders, food additive.
Nervous tension, depression, menstrual problems, laryngitis, anxiety, lethargy; as a relaxant.
Antiseptic gargle, heals infected gums, removes bad breath. Acne, oily skin, seborrhoea of scalp, coughs, ulcers, as diuretic.
Burns, inflammation, cuts, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, headaches, hysteria, nausea, nervous tension. Used in bath to improve sleep.
Acne, skin tonic, insect repellent, improve muscle tone; infections, headache.
Motia Rosha
Very stimulating for scalp; helps hair growth, gives glow; prevents dandruff, split ends, gray hair.
Used for its cooling, healing and soothing properties. Arrests hair fall, helps growth, prevents thinning of hair, dandruff, itching, allergy, burning, scabs, lice, head boils, itching, non-healing wounds; for skin cleansing
Orange & Lemon
Very good cleansing agents, have rejuvenating, action on skin. Add to bath water for refreshment. Used to repair broken capillaries.
Sudden loss of hair; to improve scalp condition.
Relieves anxiety and depression; heals cracked skin, sores, fungal infections, acne and wounds. Helps in eczema, dandruff; works as an antiseptic, diuretic and insecticide.
Relieves cough, catarrh, bronchitis, sinusitis. Helps treat migraines, painful periods. Anti-inflammatory relieves congestion; insect repellent.
Menstrual tension, depression, stress, circulatory condition, as a tonic and sedative.
Skin cleansing, scalp stimulating headaches, migraine, strengthens memory. Used in rheumatism, skin infections, muscular aches & pains, dandruff. Relieves mental fatigue!
Tea Tree Fungal, viral and bacterial infections, colds, influenza, sores.
Vetivert Nervousness, insomnia, rheumatism; muscular relaxant tonic.
Palpitations, anxiety, depressions, high blood pressure, sedative and general tonic.

1) For Normal Skin (Night-care formula) :
  1. Geranium oil : 10 drops
  2. Palma Rosa oil : 10 drops
  3. Lemon Oil : 05 drops
  4. Apricot oil : 05 drops
  5. Corn oil : 50 ml.
Mix all these and use as required.

2) To minimize wrinkles (Night-care formula) :
  1. Rose oil : 05 drops
  2. Neroli oil : 10 drops
  3. Lavender oil : 15 drops
  4. Rosemary oil : 05 drops
  5. Lemon oil : 03 drops
  6. Jojoba oil : 05 ml
  7. Corn oil : 50 ml
Mix all these and use as required.

3) For pimples (Night-care formula) :
  1. Chandan oil : 10 drops
  2. Jasmine oil : 05 drops
  3. Bergamot oil : 07 drops
  4. Ylang-ylang : 04 drops
  5. Aloe Vera Gel (liquid) : 50 ml.
Mix all these and use as required.

4) Facial Massage for Mature Skin :
  1. Lavender oil : 14 drops
  2. Chandan oil : 10 drops
  3. Rosemary oil : 05 drops
  4. Geranium oil : 07 drops
  5. Almond oil : 10 ml.
  6. Corn oil : 50 ml
Mix all these and use as required.

5) Massage for Neglected Hands :
  1. Rose oil : 04 drops
  2. Geranium oil : 15 drops
  3. Neroli oil : 10 drops
  4. Lemon oil : 10 drops
  5. Almond oil : 02 drops
  6. Corn oil : 50 ml
Mix all these and gently massage nails, fingers, palms and hands.

6) For Strong, Healthy Nails :
  1. Lemon oil : 02 drops
  2. Lavender oil : 06 drops
  3. Peppermint oil : 02 drops
  4. Avocado oil : 10 drops
  5. Olive oil : 10 ml
Mix all these in a bowl. Dip fingers for 5 minutes, and then massage the oil in.

7) Mask for pimples, acne :
  1. Warul mitti : 01 tablespoon
  2. Chamomile oil : 01 drop
  3. Lavender oil : 01 drop
  4. Patchouli oil : 01 drop
Make a paste of the above in required amount of cold water. Clean face with Aloe Vera (gel or liquid) using cotton balls. Then apply the paste to face. Leave for 30 minutes and wash it off.

8) Mask for very dry/dehydrated skin :
  1. Warul Mitti : 01 tablesppon
  2. Jojoba oil : 01 ml
  3. Chamomile oil : 01 drop
  4. Geranium oil : 01 drop
Take required amount of Aloe Vera (gel or liquid) and make a paste. Apply the paste on face. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off.

9) Massage for painful areas due to varicose veins :
  1. Warul Mitti : As required; usually 50 gms
  2. Lavender oil : 4 - 8 drops
  3. Rosemary oil : 4 - 8 drops
  4. Chamomile oil : 2 - 4 drops
Mix the contents in cold water to form a thick paste. Take a soft cotton cloth and the spread the paste thickly over it. Place the cloth over the affected area and leave it for about 45 minutes. Use this treatment 2-3 times a day. Reduces pain, aches and swelling. Always use fresh Warul mitti for every use.

10) For temporary Toothache relief :
  1. Clove oil : 01 drop
  2. Chammomile oil : 03 drops
  3. Lemon oil : 03 drops
Mix in 1 tablespoon of Til oil and massage internally on gums and cheek.

11) Piles :
  1. Cypress oil : 02 drops
  2. Geranium oil : 02 drops
  3. Pepperming oil : 02 drops
  4. Aloe Vera Gel (thick) : 02 tablespoon
Mix and apply on anal (affected) area.

12) Sinus Problems :
  1. Rosemary oil : 05 drops
  2. Geranium oil : 05 drops
  3. Eucalyptus oil : 02 drops
  4. Peppermint oil : 03 drops
Add 5 drops of the above moisture to a teaspoon of Til oil. Massage externally on ears, nose, forehead and around ears.

13) Laryngitis (Throat pain) :
  1. Chamomile oil : 05 drops
  2. Thyme oil : 01 drops
  3. Lemon oil : 02 drops
Add to 1 tablespoon corn oil; apply to throat, neck and behind ears and massage.

14) Neuralgia (Nerve-related pain; Sciatica / facial nerve/thoothache) :
  1. Lavender oil : 05 drops
  2. Chamomile oil : 05 drops
  3. Clove oil / Rosemary oil : 02 drops
Add to 2 tablespoons Til oil and massage on affected area (nerve-ends)

15) Prevention of Varicose Veins :
  1. Peppermint oil : 05 drops
  2. Cypress oil : 10 drops
  3. Lemon oil : 05 drops
  4. Geranium oil : 10 drops
Mix in 2 tablespoons Til/Corn oil and massage until the oil is absorbed. For best results, perfom normal leg exercises along with the massage treatment.

Stretch Marks
Dark Circles & Bags
Pimples & Acne
Spots & Blemishes
White Skin Patches
Facial Wrinkles
Glowing Fair Skin
Nail Disorders
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
Superfluous Hair

Gray Hair
Scalp & Hair Oil

Aloe Vera Gel
Cucumber Gel
Hibiscus Gel

Body Massage Oil
Tanning Oil

Motia Rosha
  ...complete oils list

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