100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel and 100% Pure Cucumber Gel

-- No chemicals and no preservatives

Roots Herbal Industries & Exports is one of the few companies in the world that provides 100% pure Aloe Vera Gel and Cucumber Gel with absolutely no chemicals or other additives. The gels go through a special heating and cooling process to prolong the life but still retain their natural texture, character and properties.

aloe vera gel 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel

Our aloe vera gel is made from organically grown pure, green natural leaves without adding absolutely no chemicals or additives. It is viscous and colorless, and is soluble in water and other organic solvents.

Quantity: 100 ml

Contains: 100% Pure aloe vera gel.

Benefits: Aloe Vera is nature's miraculous gift for complete everyday skin care (as well as for hair) and can be used by both men and women of all ages. Below are the most important benefits.
  • Moisturizes, cleans, smoothens, and softens the skin.
  • Prevents wrinkles and keeps the skin fresh, young and gives it a healthy glow.
  • Protects from the after effects of sun rays, dust, smoke, exhaust fumes etc.
  • Provides relief from burns and skin inflammation.
  • Reduces swelling, pain and treats bruises
  • Stimulates dermal cells and rejuvenates skin
How to use:
For everyday use: Simply apply the gel anywhere on the body including face, neck and hands. Let the gel dry. First it turns into a thin flaky white layer. This is normal. Give it some time and it will slowly become a moistures, transparent and invisible film that supplies nutrients to skin. This film protects skin from exposing to harmful dust, sun rays, smoke, exhaust fumes etc.
If the initial flakiness bothers you during day time, you can also use it at night time and wash it off in the morning.

Other uses:
As a cleanser: Take half a spoon of gel and dip a piece of cotton (or a soft cloth) into it. Move the cotton in the upward and outward motion all over the face, neck and even areas under and around eyes. It is completely safe to use this gel near eyes. This process will help remove the dust, grease, oiliness, perspiration, old make-up etc. Use it every night and see for yourself what a difference it will make in the morning.
After-wax relief: Apply gel over the areas that have been waxed. Aloe helps to soothe, moisturize, heal and cool the de waxed surface.
After-bath lotion: Take a spoonful of aloe vera gel and add 4-5 drops of lemon juice or glycerin (or both). Mix well and apply all over the body for a long-lasting refreshing feeling.
After-shave lotion: Aloe gel can be used as an excellent natural after-shave lotion. Apply gel on the shaved areas either by itself or by mixing with a few drops of lime, lavender or rose oil.
For burns: Aloe vera greatly diminishes the chances of scar if applied immediately after the burn occurred. It also helps in faster healing and relives pain.
As a shampoo and conditioner: When it comes to hair, it is no secret that the less chemicals you expose your hair to, the better it is. Aloe vera is an excellent natural hair conditioner and can be used in greatly reducing the amount of shampoo you use and can completely eliminate the need to use other chemical conditioners.

Take your favorite shampoo (preferably herbal) and pour in a bowl just half the amount you normally use for each hair wash. Add to it twice the amount of aloe vera gel and mix well. While in shower, after the hair is wet, simply use the mixture as you use a normal shampoo. For most hair (especially short hair) there is no need for a conditioner afterwards.

If your hair is long and feel the need for further conditioning, you could do so by using only half the amount of conditioner you normally use.

For short hair, if you feel the need for more conditioning, after the hair wash, take half a spoon of aloe vera and run it through the hair with fingers. Let it stay for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off.

Additionally, aloe vera gel is provided with most of our products like stretch marks, dark circles, spots and blemishes, wrinkles etc and is a vital ingredient in the preparation of the herbal paste for all our products.

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cucumber gel 100% Pure Cucumber Gel

Made with organically grown farm fresh cucumbers, this gel is another of nature's wonder as a powerful aid in treating several skin problems.

Quantity: 100 ml

Contains: 100% Pure and natural cucumber gel

Benefits: Cucumber is a natural sourse for erepsin and proteolytic enzymes, vitamin B1 and Vitamin C, all of which are wonderful in treating skin eruptions, eczematic freckles, pimples, black heads, wrinkles, dryness of face etc. The gel is also used as an important ingredient in several beauty products, skin tonics, face packs etc.

Other uses: Cucumber gel has alomost all the benefits of aloe vera gel (see above) except that aloe vera is much better for hair than cucumber. Additionally, cucumber gel is used for following important treatments.
For sun-stroke: Apply a generous amount of gel on the areas affected by sun-stroke, leave it for 25 minutes and wash with cold water. Cucumber gel is extremely soothing and imparts cooling effect on skin.
Puffy and tired eyes: Take one teaspoon of Cucumber gel and add three spoons of ice cold water and mix. If available add a few drops of rose oil, or lemon oil (or both). Take a couple of cotton pads and soak them in the mixture. Relax in a chair with head up and put the pads on the eyes until eyes feel relaxed and less tired. When the pads become warm, soak them again and repeat the process.

Additionally, cucumber gel is provided with most of our products like dark circles, pimples, acne etc and is a vital ingredient in the preparation of the herbal paste for all our products.

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